Jeane Alves.jpg

Age: 31
Nationality: Brazilian
Number of rides: 4,660
Winners: 602 (597 at Jockey Club de São Paulo)
Prize money: Ca R$6 million (ca €1.4 million)
Most important wins: GP Jockey Club Brasileiro (Gr.1) and the 2016/17 Jockey Championships
Lowest riding weight: 53 kg

Jeane Alves de Lemos

Jeane Alves de Lemos made history in Brazil during the 2016/17 season by becoming the first woman ever to win the Jockey Championships. Her determination to win and be amongst the best has cemented her place is Brazilian turf history.

Born in Acopriara in 1988, at the age of 12 she began to participate in vaquejada (a northern Brazilian cowboy sport). Her passion for all things equine and competing grew and she dreamed of becoming a jockey like her cousins D. Lemos and AD Alves. Against her parents’ wishes at the age of 20 she travelled to São Paulo to pursue a career as a jockey. In June 2008 she started riding as an apprentice at the Jockey Club de São Paulo and shortly after won her first apprentice race.

In 2014 Alves became the first Brazilian to represent her country in the Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak Ladies World Championship (IFAHR) winning the UK leg of the international riders’ competition at Newbury racecourse. In 2015 she became the female jockey to win a Grade 1 in her native Brazil taking the Grande Prêmio Jockey Club Brasileiro (Gr.1).

She continues to break records on her home turf and has four Grade 1 wins and more than 600 victories under her belt.